We offer herbal formulas that will be specially formulated and mixed for you, as well as pre-mixed classical formulas, teas, capsules, and the best organic essential oils.

The art of formula combining with Chinese herbs is thousands of years old. The herbalist will use your symptoms along with traditional diagnostic methods to formulate herbal medicine that is appropriate for you. If your condition is acute, you should notice an alleviation of symptoms within a few hours to a few days. For chronic conditions we expect to see symptomatic changes within 2-3 weeks, and we will continue to address the underlying root-level disharmonies for 2-6 months. Some patients choose to remain on maintenance or tonic herbal formulas.

Quality and Safety

Our raw herbs are supplied by well-known and trusted distributors in New York City and California. They come from farms that are GAP (Good Agricultural Practices)-certified, ensuring that they are harvested sustainably. They are organic or wild-crafted, and are batch tested to be sure they are free of heavy metals, pesticide residues, and microbial contamination. They are not preserved and do not contain sulfur dioxide.

Our granules are produced in GMP-certified facilities in China and Taiwan. They are rigorously tested by HPLC and TLC, as well as microscopic and macroscopic methods,  to verify authenticity. They are independently verified to be free of heavy metals, pesticide residues, and microbial contamination by laboratories in the USA and in Germany. The excipient for the granules is dextrin, which is derived from corn that has been 3rd party certified to be free of GMO's. Please be sure to alert your practitioner if you have any food allergies.


You may be prescribed herbs in the form of granules that are mixed with warm or hot water to drink, tinctures, teas, foot soaks, salves, liniments, or compresses. It is best to take your herbs one hour before or two hours after eating. Occasionally your practitioner may give you other specific instructions, for example to take your herbs with meals or soon before bedtime.

Our Essential Oils

We offer essential oil therapy as an adjunctive to your acupuncture treatment. For this purpose we use essential oils that have been produced by traditional steam-distillation methods. Steam-distillation provides a fully bioactive oil with a complete range of therapeutic benefits. The botanical ingredients have been grown on organic farms or are ethically wild-harvested using sustainable methods. We also have essential oils available for purchase and can instruct you in their use at home.


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Kind words from our clients:

So happy to have found VCA.

"So happy to have found Vermont Community Acupuncture and Julie. Every visit has been amazing, comfortable and relaxed. I feel like I've come so far, in such little time, for the things I needed help with. The office setting is so relaxed and calming, and all the girls are so nice too. Highly recommend it!!!"

— C.O.

What a difference!

"I can't tell enough people about how Julie helped me with pain from arthritic knees. I feel great and am almost back to my exercise routine. What a difference!"

— D.G.

Wonderful for chronic pain.

“I suffer from chronic pain and seeing the practitioners at Vermont Community Acupuncture has been life-saving. They are all really great, super helpful, and very compassionate. I stopped having to take my pain medication and now rely on herbs and acupuncture for support. I have bought herbs there for numerous ailments from cold/flu to terrible back pain, and I have to say, they have all worked like magic!"

— J.C.